North Ayrshire Cancer Care has closed its doors due to growing fears that volunteers are becoming more susceptible to contracting coronavirus.

North Ayrshire Cancer Care is a voluntary organisation set up to provide care and support for cancer sufferers and their families. On March 16, the organisation closed their shops due to increased risk from coronavirus. Donations also ground to a halt but the service continued.

But today North Ayrshire Cancer Care closed entirely, citing the safety of their drivers as the reason for doing so. It comes after the UK and Scottish Government this week announced harsher social distancing measures in the battle to combat the outbreak of Covid-19, with vulnerable and elderly groups most at risk.

The measures include staying at home as much as possible, limited outdoor exercise and shopping for essentials such as food and medicine only.

Posting on Facebook, North Ayrshire Cancer Care wrote: "Unfortunately we have had to make the difficult decision to close our doors for the time being. The risk with Coronavirus to our patients means a lot of our drivers are no longer feeling comfortable in such close quarters with people who may be more vulnerable.

"We are so sorry for any inconvenience at this particular time, and we wish everyone well over the course of the next few weeks or months.

Please take care of yourselves and of each other."