A life saving piece of equipment is suspected stolen from Kilbirnie Community Football Club.

The community defibrillator, from Ladeside Pavillion was declared missing by staff at the football club on Monday afternoon.

Kilbirnie Community Football Club said: “Some upsetting news to report this morning. Our community defibrillator has been stolen from Ladeside Pavillion, we are lost for words at this mindless act.

“This defibrillator is for all the people in our local community and could save a life, yet in a time when we’ve seen so much good in people and when people need to pull together, this has happened. Absolutely disgusted with whoever has taken this, shame on you!”

The defibrillator is designed to potentially save the life of somebody with a heart attack, so it’s no surprise that the public have been voicing their disgust at the despicable act. Some members of the public have even gone as far to say that there ‘will be blood on the hands’ of the thief.