A KILWINNING offender dodged jail after performing a sex act in front of two horrified girls on a busy number 11 bus at 8am one morning.

Michael Reid, 35, held his hands up last month and expressed ‘remorse’ after admitting engaging in a sexual act in the presence of two 12-year-olds while sat top-deck at the back of the Number 11.

The court heard last week he felt ‘shame’ for his actions before being made to sign on as a sex offender. 

He was also ordered to stay home in the evenings when he returned to the dock on Monday, March 23.

The court previously heard how Reid began pleasuring himself after the girls, both aged 12, boarded the Stagecoach bus at Saltcoats station about 8.20am on July 26 last year.

Reid, of Montgomerie Terrace, looked at the girls while performing the sex act, then paused when new passengers boarded.

Procurator Fiscal Depute Saud Ul-Hassan told the court: “Having sat down, they were made aware of the accused sitting at the opposite side [of the back row of the top deck].

He held a Tesco carrier bag containing a bottle of alcohol, which he repeatedly took out to drink.

Procurator Fiscal Depute Saud Ul-Hassan said: “The two witnesses were, at one point, having a conversation and the accused intervened.

“The witnesses continued to chat to each other and observed the accused masturbating over his trousers.

“Whilst they were conversing, the accused kept looking at them and smiling.”

One of the girls began to record him on her mobile before they then started to text each other instead of speaking and agreed to pretend to get off the bus.

They then told the driver what had happened, who contacted a supervisor, while Reid got off the bus.

The youngsters went to one of their homes and told a parent, with them going to Irvine police station later to report what had happened.

Police identified Reid from photographs and, when interviewed and shown video footage confirmed it was him.

When he was detained by police at his home, officers noted it was dirty and there were empty cans and bottles of booze everywhere - and childrens’ toys.

When cautioned and charged, Reid told the police: “I have to be guilty. I’m really sorry.”

His defence solicitor Brian Holliman said: “The remorse, embarrassment and shame he feels in relation to the offence is genuine and he recognises and acknowledges the impact on the complainers.

“It is now all known to all friends and family, his mother is in court, and he has lost his employment.

“It’s caused him to reflect on the role of alcohol”, adding he had a ‘history of alcohol abuse’.

He said Reid had complied with a bail condition not to return to the Number 11 bus.

On reading a statement from one of the girls mothers, Sheriff Shirley Foran said she took “great encouragement” from the mum’s “very sensible approach’ in explaining to her daughter that the random drunken incident must not be allowed to have any impact on her life”.

She sentenced Reid to a community payback order with supervision for two years, a restriction of liberty order to stay at home from 7am-7pm and placed him on the sex offender register.

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