An Arran councillor has revealed the number of Coronavirus cases confirmed by medical services on the island.

Councillor Timothy Billings said that medical services on the island divulged to him that there were only two confirmed cases, although some people exhibiting symptoms have been told to remain at home.

Residents on Arran had been concerned that the number of cases on the island is not being made available, as the way that records are kept means that Arran’s figures are included under the Ayrshire and Arran NHS board.

A resident on the island wanted clarity as to the number of infections as a number of rumours had been circulating. They said: "Why are there no statistics for Coronavirus infection rates on Arran?

“We need to know the extent of infection here so that we can be better prepared. Other islands have this information why not us?”

Ayrshire and Arran NHS were unable to reveal the figures to the Herald because of patient confidentiality, but as the resident says, it is not personal information they are after, just numbers.

“We are not asking for names just localities and numbers. Bearing in mind we still have to travel to the Co-ops for food etc. I think it only fair if we know how bad it is here.

“We all anticipated transmission would be aggressive here given the high influx of tourists prior to lock-down. I am sure everyone here would appreciate the accurate information instead of the rumours and here-say currently circulating.”

Cllr Billings was keen to stress that the regardless of the figures people should still be following government advice, saying: “We should all be acting as if we all have the virus and keeping social distancing.

“Therefore, until we are given the all clear and the restrictions are lifted, we must follow the guidelines irrespective of how many reported cases there are.”

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