There are 623 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Ayrshire, an increase of 19 in 24 hours.

In NHS Ayrshire and Arran hospitals, 121 people are being treated, a decrease of 8 since yesterday, and 10 are in intensive care, a decrease of one.

National Records of Scotland will publish figures of people in Ayrshire who have died with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 tomorrow.

Ms Sturgeon said: “I want to stress that each of these deaths represent much more than a statistic and represent an individual who was loved by family and friends and whose loss is a source of intense grief.”

Interim chief medical officer Dr Gregor Smith said: "One of the saddest aspects of this pandemic is its impact on the most vulnerable in our society.

"Residents in care homes have been particularly badly affected by this.

"We are taking a number of measures and are trying to enhance those now as we learn more about the virus and the ways it’s being spread."

Ms Sturgeon was asked about whether schools will open before the summer holiday but said she doesn’t have the data to give a yes or no answer on the subject.

She said the government's position is still that there is no guarantee that pupils will be going back before the summer holidays.

Scotland's chief economist Gary Gillespie said: "COVID-19 has created an economic crisis."

Ms Sturgeon said: “While we understand the deep damage of the lockdown measures on our economy…it is really true to say that if we come out of lockdown early and that results in a resurgence of the virus…the damage to the economy is potentially even greater.”

70 more deaths of those confirmed to have had COVID-19 were announced today, there is 985 in total across Scotland.

8,672 patients have tested positive for the virus, up 222 since yesterday, and 1,866 are in hospital, up 57, and 166 in ICU, decrease of 3.


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