An Ayrshire marine mammal rescue team want to remind the public that they are still active and responding to rescue callouts as the lockdown continues.

The Ayrshire and Clydeside branch of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) have reached out to advise residents to be cautious of marine life if conducting their government sanctioned daily exercise along the coast.

Of specific concern to the team is the welfare of harbour seals, which begin to give birth to their young in April right through to June.

After birth, mother harbour seals leave their pups alone to rest for extended periods of time while she hunts and forages for herself.

After feeding, the mother returns to collect her pup and nurse. Pups are usually quite well developed at birth and can swim when only a few hours old.

A spokesperson for the Ayrshire and Clydeside branch of BDMLR said: “Please do not approach seals and keep your pets way at all times as they can give a nasty bite and infection.

“Do not try to chase back into the water or touch them in any way.

“If anyone sees a marine mammal in distress then please call our UK Rescue Centre on 01825 765546 and report what you see.

“A local medic will be tasked to the area to deal with the situation and if required get additional medic support and equipment to the area.”

The team, who have been allocated key worker status, cover the local islands and the coastline.

They are ready to respond 24/7 to help support marine life, including seals, porpoise, dolphins and whales all which are common to the seas in the area.


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