A LOCAL designer has developed an ingenious way to protect key workers from face mask chafing.

Jake from Ayrshire Knits, an online retailer selling knitting patterns has designed an easy to make mask-extender, which can be used to relieve the pressure of wearing the protective equipment.

The elastic of the face masks is designed to loop over the buttons on the extender as opposed to the wearers ears.

The wearer places the extender on the back of their head thus lengthening and loosening the grip of the elastic.

The masks have been known to chafe and cause discomfort for those wearing them, especially those who have to wear one for extended periods of time such as those working in care homes and for the NHS.

Wanting to help those suffering from the chafing, Jake developed the pattern and has made it freely

available for anyone to download from Ravelry at www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/adjustable-mask-extender.

So far over 200 people have downloaded the pattern in the 24 hours since it was made available.

Jake, who formed Ayrshire Knits five years ago, specialises in mini projects that are fun and quick to make– finger puppets, toys, fundraising items and doll’s clothes.

Jake sells hard copies of patterns on Ebay and instant downloads on Ravelry and Love Crafts

Also available from Jakes online store are rainbow mobile designs available for £3, with profits going to Air Ambulance Scotland and various other Air Ambulance regions.

Jake did advise that: “Some hospitals are not allowing the use of mask extenders so please check before sending them.”