RESIDENTS of the Three Towns Care Home enjoyed some entertainment on the 75th anniversary of VE Day thanks to an Ayrshire veteran’s group.

Veteran Suzanne Fernando MBE BCAh, founded the online group ‘Virtual Veteran Hang Outs’ which aims to keep veterans and elderly people busy during the lockdown with online chats and entertainment.

To mark VE Day, the group held a Zoom and Facetime chat with the residents of the Three Towns Care Home.

Suzanne said: “I want to say thanks to all the Virtual Veteran Hang Out members who joined our Zoom and FaceTime chat with the Three Towns Care Home.

“The residents thoroughly enjoyed themselves especially the singalongs and veteran Alastair Weir who played the last post on his beloved bugle. Despite a few technical issues it went well.

“We also had a young piper in full regalia ready to surprise the residents as he played for them but sadly young Logan experienced technical issues but shared his video with us all instead.”

She added: “Without this group many of our fellow veterans and elderly friends would have had no face to face interaction at all these past few weeks, but now we can all enjoy getting together.”