Speed checks on Ardrossan streets will have to wait until after the lockdown says the council’s Roads Department.

Councillor Jean McClung, who had been liaising with the department, confirmed that work to install speed check equipment has been put on the back burner whilst North Ayrshire Council operate on an ‘essential works only’ basis.

Motorists have reportedly been speeding through locked-down Ardrossan in recent weeks and residents have been calling for something to be done about it.

Alan Merry of Eglington Road said: “I’ve been concerned about the speeding both coming in and going out along Eglinton Road for some time. I’d hazard a guess that nearly 50 per cent of drivers exceed the 30mph speed limit.”

Cllr McClung had requested a solar powered ‘slow down’ sign be installed but that was rejected as being too costly by the Roads Department. However, in February they did agree to begin surveying the area. There was insufficient time to begin the survey before the lockdown.

The councillor added: “The location is, however, on their ‘to do’ list and will be undertaken as soon as the current situation improves.”