A STEVENSTON man was warned to stay out of contact with his former partner after breaching bail conditions.

Colin Roy, 40, pled guilty to breaching a strict court order by communicating with the woman when he appeared from custody at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court last week [Monday, May 4].

The Procurator Fiscal told Sheriff Higgins that Garven Road resident Roy, having been granted bail on March 12 and ordered not to get in touch with the woman or enter Ashgrove Road, Ardrossan was found to have communicated via Facebook Messenger on May 4.

The court heard police had seen the woman walking alone in Stevenston, before showing officers the messages from Roy sent at around midnight, which had ‘instructed her to leave’.

The defence solicitor said that Foy was aged 40, single and lived alone, while awaiting legal proceedings on other matters up before the court.

The court heard Foy and the woman had been in a relationship for two years and she suffered mental health difficulties and the communication exchange was from her to him and that she had threatened to harm herself.

However Sheriff Higgins told Foy that breaking bail ‘was still a serious matter’.

Roy agreed to obey the order and added: “I worry about her, but I can’t do anything to help her.”

Sentencing was deferred and Roy was told he must remain home from 8pm to 8am and stay out of contact in the meantime.