Of all the challenges we face during lockdown, being separated from loved ones is surely the most difficult.

Whilst we have seen inspiring pictures and videos on social media of inventive ways people are keeping in touch with their loves ones, through video calls, or grandparents getting stolen glimpses of their grandchildren through windows, nothing can replace being able to hold our nearest and dearest close.

But for relatives of new-born babies, that separation is all the more painful.

Missing the chance to bond with your grandchild, niece or nephew in those first precious weeks and months is devastating.

There is nothing more special than meeting your newly born family member for the first time, but with times being tough and the coronavirus taking over our country, many of us have missed out on that heart-felt moment.

So here at the Ardrossan Herald we are launching our Born in Lockdown feature as a way for new parents to share their new baby joy with everyone and have a memorable keepsake of these strange but very special times in our lives.

To be included you just need to send us a picture of your baby, along with their name, weight, when they were born and in which town they live.

If you would like your baby to be a part of our special Born in Lockdown feature, you can send your details to Sophie.hodge@newsquest.co.uk before 5pm on Thursday, May 21.

Thank you and stay safe!