A WOMAN who recently had her hip replaced has been walking for miles for cancer support after her sister was diagnosed with the disease.

Linda Beattie, who had total hip surgery in January, was devastated when her younger sister, Norma Scally, received a cancer diagnosis.

Because her sister will need to attend the Beatson in Glasgow for treatment five days a week for five weeks, Ayrshire Cancer Support volunteers will drive her there.

Linda, from Stevenston but now living in Irvine, said: “These people that are driving are volunteers putting themselves out to do that.

“We truly appreciate it.”

Norma had been helping Linda with her recovery from surgery earlier this year before her diagnosis, and now, under lockdown, Linda wanted to do something for her sister.

Having to walk for her own rehabilitation, she decided to do challenge herself to walk 2.5 miles or more on May 1 and to ask friends and family to sponsor her.

The donations are going to Ayrshire Cancer Support, which Linda said is ‘a wonderful charity who, under the current restrictions, are still transporting patients for essential treatments and are worth their weight in gold’.

Norma, who still lives in Stevenston, has had surgery to remove the tumour and started her radiotherapy treatment on Monday.

Linda said: “She’s remained very positive throughout. I think a lot of the time your own attitude to a situation helps you through.

“We’ve really supported each other. That’s what families do, that’s what sisters are for.”

Alison Beattie, Linda’s daughter, said: “My mum was worried about how Norma would get up the Beatson, when she’s trying to minimise contact.

“The service has been a big relief, picking her up at a schedule time every day for five weeks.”

The family haven’t been able to visit each other, so they say the fundraiser has been a good morale booster.

Linda has raised over three times her target, with the total currently at £650.

She said: “I didn’t expect to get anywhere near that, it’s astonishing generosity and it goes straight to the charity. And it’s given my sister something else to concentrate on.”

You can donate by searching ‘Linda’s Walk for Norma’ on JustGiving.com.