A PHARMACIST who works in Saltcoats serving people vital medicines has had her car badly damaged after someone crashed into it whilst she was at work.

Ailsa McNaughtan, a 26-year-old key worker was shocked to discover upon finishing her shift at Gallagher Pharmacy, Dockhead Street that somebody had severely damaged her car.

She had parked at the eastern end of Bradshaw Road opposite the Windy-Ha Bar.

The incident, which took the front bumper off of her car and left the side panel and tyre badly scratched, occurred on May 9.

Ailsa says the perpetrator must have done the damage between 8.50am, the time at which she parked her car, and 10.30am, the time that staff at the bar reported to the incident to police.

Ailsa said: “I was devastated. You go to work, trying to do your job and give people their medication, and somebody thinks it’s okay to leave your car like that. It wasn’t parked in an awkward place, it was where I always park it.

“Basically I want them to think if it was them that had to get to work. It’s made it more difficult, plus the financial cost.

“Come forward, so we can sort it out. If they’re willing to own up, contact the police, or contact the paper.”

Since the incident Ailsa, who used the car to get to work from Kilmarnock, has had to rely on other modes of transport which she says has made her life more difficult. It is particularly frustrating she says, at a time when people are being advised to avoid public transport.

But it’ll not stop her doing her job though.

She said: “The pandemic has been very stressful, a lot of challenges, but it’s just something we need to do, get out there and give people their medication. I work with a great team.”