Concerns have been raised over the management of Montgomerie Court in Ardrossan.

A resident of the Hanover-managed property told of poor maintenance and a charge for services which were not carried out.

Resident Margaret McCabe told of filthy bins, grass that hadn’t been cut in almost a year, drying areas covered in moss, jagged and rusted doorways that impale the skin, and stagnant water beneath residents’ windows.

Margaret moved to the supported accommodation two years ago and says that much of the garden, including the flowerbeds, had not been touched in all that time.

This is particularly irksome because she is charged a £160 service fee every month, a fee that she feels is not justified by the level of maintenance being carried out.

During lockdown, Margaret has found herself more than frustrated with the management company.

She said: “It’s affecting everybody’s health.”

Though pleased to now sit outside on the grass after weeks of chasing Hanover, it wasn’t until Margaret got local MP Patricia Gibson involved, that the grass was cut.

She said: “For three weeks I phoned and emailed Hanover and got every excuse under the sun.

“I was practically in tears all weekend and then on Monday I emailed Patricia and lo and behold the grass is cut on Tuesday. Patricia has been marvellous. Hanover have been horrendous.”

Hanover were contacted by the Herald for comment but had yet to respond by the time we went to press.