Stickers supporting a hate-figure jailed for risking the collapse of a child abuse trial have been plastered in Kilwinning during someone’s outdoor time.

A sticker glorifying ex-English Defence League man ‘Tommy Robinson’– real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon – in a Rangers top had to be removed from Kilwinning railway station after being spotted by a disgusted key worker.

Labour councillor Donald Reid told the Herald stickers of any type ‘downgrade your town’ while Conservative John Glover said it also offended Rangers FC fans, adding: ‘“We don’t need him.”

The controversial criminal has been released from a prison sentence after risking the collapse of the trial of a grooming gang. He live-streamed accused offenders outside court before they were found guilty.

Anti-racist groups, football fans and politicians previously stated he was ‘not welcome’ after attempts at ‘creating trouble’ with banners supporting him at various football grounds.

ScotRail confirmed the sticker was cleaned off by station staff last week, with a spokesperson adding: “This is vandalism, and it has absolutely no place on Scotland’s railway.”

Cllr Reid said: “Any sort of graffiti, no matter what type, downgrades your town, it downgrades your area.

“Whether it’s a Rangers sticker, Celtic sticker, a Yes Independence sticker or a No sticker, there is a place for them, but it’s not out in public. If it offends one person, it offends one person too many.”

Cllr Glover told the Herald: “He’s got a terrible record. He’s a racist, though I could say more, and we don’t need him.

“We’ve plenty of them about up here without them coming up from England, or for that matter Ireland and creating trouble.”

Robinson, 37, was jailed after a judge said his conduct amounted to a “serious contempt” and “reckless disobedience”.


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