A Three Towns band has banished the blues of lockdown by releasing a new album.

Voldo released their album ‘Sophia’ on May 1 and have made it freely available for people to stream and download.

The band consists of David and Amanda Nunn, Kyle Meldrum, with Francene Keegans, and Sean Kelly featuring on the album.

Voldo were lucky that they completed most of the album before the imposition of the lockdown and are happy to bring this “melodic extravaganza”, out now, freely available for the public to enjoy.

David Nunn AKA Nunny Boy, who wrote the lyrics for and produced the album, said: “Lockdown has been a big challenge but we have managed to turn it around to make it work for us. Music can be really important to people, documenting certain times or occasions in your life. We wanted to finish our project and get it out to as many people as we could.

“Making music during lockdown has been a welcome distraction from everything that’s going on all around us just now.

“There are many barriers, social distancing etc, but with the wonders of technology we have managed to overcome these problems.

“Luckily for us we had recorded most of the vocals before lockdown started, but we still wanted to make some music videos to promote our music, inspired by local artist Tragic O’Hara, who has been making tons of videos showing people how to access free technology and use them creatively.”

David has been keeping busy in the lockdown, working hard on mastering the album, which has been described as being Fleetwood Mac meets the Beta Band with a hint of David Bowie.

He said: “Fortunately I have my own small recording studio in my house which has allowed me to work hard on our album project Sophia.”

Since the release, the album has been doing quite well at home and abroad, reaching more than 200 nations.

“We have managed to release our music on all major platforms, like Spofity, Apple Music, Amazon etc and thanks to radio stations like Radio Kaos Caribou our songs have been getting played in 223 countries worldwide.” added David.

Although free to download and stream, fans can still purchase a physical copy of the album and can also offer to pay for download if they wish to support the band financially.

David said: “The online release has been very successful. Within the first week it has funded a physical release of our album. The response has been fantastic, I was invited on to Hip Hop DJ Steg G’s podcast to talk about the album.”


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