New volunteers are helping a cancer support group drive North Ayrshire patients to treatment.

In March, in line with official guidance, many of North Ayrshire Cancer Care’s (NACC) volunteer drivers felt that being 70-years-old or older themselves they would be unable to continue driving patients to and from treatment.

Only eight drivers were left, with around 38 having to stop volunteering due to age or underlying health conditions.

NACC’s six charity shops had already closed due to the lockdown.

Chairman David Haining said: “Back in November 2019 North Ayrshire Cancer Care celebrated it’s 30th Anniversary in Ardrossan Civic Centre.

“I was proud to say that in 30 years we had never let a patient down because we did not have a driver to take them.

“Who could have known that events on the other side of the world could already have been in place that would alter that completely.”

In April, Irvine and Troon Cancer Care asked if any NACC drivers could drive for them and some of them were able to, running some of NACC’s existing patients to their treatment.

Mr Haining said: “Thankfully before the end of April we were able to set up our transport administration volunteers at home and we were able to start up the service again.”

Through The Ayrshire Community Trust NACC were able to take on and induct more volunteers. Now 17 drivers are available full time.

Mr Haining said: “We are delighted that these new volunteers have joined us.”


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