ALMOST 95 per cent of young people in North Ayrshire are concerned about their future according to a survey.

A joint study by the Scottish Youth Parliament, YouthLink Scotland and Young Scot aimed to give a clear picture of what young people are currently worried about and the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic is having on their lives.

The survey results for North Ayrshire showed that 94.3 per cent of respondents were either extremely, moderately, somewhat or slightly concerned about their future.

Other issues highlighted by respondents were the mental and physical wellbeing of others, social relationships, being able to care for others and school closures.

As a result of the findings North Ayrshire’s MSYPs have teamed up with the council’s Connected Communities team and the youth council to launch a localised consultation to gather further insight into the views of young people in the area specifically about the recovery stage of COVID-19.

Aaran McDonald MSYP for Cunninghame South said: “The findings have shown that young people in North Ayrshire really need more information and guidance about the help they can receive regarding their future.

“ It is also important that young people know that your local MSYPs are on stand-by for whenever you need us.”

Erin McCluskey MSYP for Cunninghame North said: “The findings are something MSYPs including myself can forward to the decision makers and discuss about how we can improve and reassure young people.

“It is important to remember there are no wrong paths. We are here to support you.”

Emily Nix MSYP for Cunninghame South added: “All of the North Ayrshire MSYPs are really keen to work with decision makers to find out the best ways to ensure the impact is as minimal as possible on young people and we are open to hear your specific concerns.”

Young people in North Ayrshire aged between eight and 25 can complete the consultation online: