BEITH’s Jemma Reekie has shared her experience of living life in lockdown with flatmate and fellow athlete Laura Muir.

The European under-23 champion should have been making the final touches to her preparation ahead of her debut at the Olympic Games but this year’s event in Tokyo was postponed until 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Instead, Reekie has spent lockdown living with fellow middle-distance runner Laura Muir with the pair training together.

Speaking in a Scottish Athletics video she said: “I think it works well living together because we spend so much time on camp so we understand what each other is doing as an athlete and we train at the same times.

“Having each other you know you have got to train for each other as well, which helps to motivate you.”

She added: “I think we are quite good at switching-off from the track. We do both enjoy talking about athletics but we do work a good balance.”

It has been five years since Reekie joined Laura Muir in the training group led by coach Andy Young.

The 22-year-old explained that when she first started Muir played a key role in mentoring her.

Reekie said: “Laura has definitely had a mentoring role for me and learning from camps just how athletes eat, train and sleep and how they live was really good for me.

“I remember after an under-20s event where I had a really bad race I was straight on the phone to Laura. We were not that close at that age but I knew I could phone Laura and she would give me encouragement for the next race and for me to be able to do that shows how friendly and approachable Laura is.”

Reekie also praised Muir for how she was able to manage a university degree while competing at a high level in athletics.

She said: “Laura is good at everything. I respect so much the way she has managed to balance things and do a university degree.

“For me, it has been athletics, athletics, athletics but Laura has balanced two really big careers – veterinary and athletics – and at one stage was doing them right together. I think that shows the strength of her mentality and her dedication and hard work.”

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