A dog adventure park where people’s pets can roam free and play without stress has been approved in Kilbirnie.

The park will run on an appointment only basis, with dog walkers booking an hour slot online at a time that suits their needs best, with owners promising the adventure area offers different experiences for dogs to enjoy.

An application to change the use of agricultural land at Mossend Farm for the dog park were given the go-ahead last week

A statement for Fetch Free Play said: “In a large, fenced six-acre paddock, dogs will have the freedom to run and play, whilst their owners will be in the knowledge that they are in a secure environment. Anxious, reactive, hyper dogs once forced to stay on lead when walking for their own safety will now have the freedom to roam. We believe every dog should have the opportunity to play off lead, explore nature and follow a scent in an enriching environment.

“We aim to be more than just a field. The park will include a range of play structures and experiences for dogs to try such a; water toys, slides, agility equipment, sensory gardens and dog parkour. Dogs will climb, sniff, crawl, balance and jump around different obstacles providing them with mental stimulation.”