A FIT Ayrshire dad plans to take on Goatfell four times in a day to raise funds to thank NHS workers.

During lockdown, Fit Ayrshire Dads – who aim to improve men’s mental health and turn them into better versions of themselves – decided they wanted to do something to raise money for the ICU staff at both Crosshouse and Ayr Hospital.

Founder Kevin Brown, who previously climbed Goatfell three times back in 2018, will now take on a quadruple climb of the Arran peak to raise funds for a night out for NHS workers from the ICU unit and in memory of their late friend and member Steven Gilmour.

Kev said: “I’ve got it the first Saturday in September. We’ve got a thing called the founder challenge.

“Back when we hit 1,000 members, the guys got to nominate me to do something daft. We hit 3,000 just recently so we’ve upped it and this time I have four to do.

“It’s going to be good but it’s going to be painful. I’m really looking forward to being able to get outdoors and enjoy a proper day away.

“We’re going to hopefully add to the ICU pot that we’ve been raising so far.

“We wanted to keep that going until all this was by as hospital staff are still their working, they’ve not stopped, so anything I raise will go to that.

“The plan is when it’s all over and everything is back open again near the end of the year we want to have a venue and put on a free night for them, with a free bar and basically have a knees up for the night to say thank you.

“It felt like it would be something a bit different. I know there is so much going towards the charity things, but a lot of the doctors, nurses and staff through the wards won’t see that so thought it would be good to do something just for those guys.”

To donate just visit www.gofundme.com/f/quadruple-goatfell-challenge