It is with great pride that the Caledonian Piping Club, (CPC), announces that it has reached the milestone of its 20th Birthday.

When Colin McCallum and Gerard McClumpha first discussed the state of piping within the Three Towns all those years ago, it was always their intention to be a ‘Teaching Organisation’, with no real intentions of ever becoming a Pipe Band.

They were happy to ‘plod’ on – keeping their fingers moving and staying on the fringes of the wider ‘Pipe Band World’.

In saying that, they have enjoyed more than a rich ‘piping life’ over the past 20 years – and if the next 20 years are anywhere near, as what the band have achieved in the last 20 – they will all have been more than amply rewarded.

As well as all the numerous friends and acquaintances they have made, the club have accomplished many achievements.

These include visiting and performing in Cascio, Italy twice, performing at the Aviles Folk Festival in Spain, performing on the Castle Esplanade, prior to the Tattoo, during the Edinburgh festival, Marching down Princess Street, Edinburgh, with the Marie Curie Pipers and being personally introduced to the Queen at Balmoral, successfully organising many fundraising folk nights and much more.

Gerard McClumpha, leader of the club said: “Having visited so many solo competitions, all over Scotland, in the early days of CPC, Colin and myself would always have the same conversation – before, during and after the event – and pick to pieces how it was organised and run and basically always come to the same conclusion: we could do it better.

“Unfortunately, Colin never survived to see the group move from it’s infancy, having just lived long enough to celebrate it’s second birthday.

“The pleasure that I, and so many others have accrued over the years is unquantifiable.

“I would never change any of it, and would hope to be involved for as many of the next 20 years, as I am fit and able to manage.”

Happy 20th Birthday to the Caledonian Piping Club.