A THREE Towns man has painted an amazing mural as a tribute to our NHS heroes’ hard work throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

George Keiran, 73, has been preparing then painting the mural over the last few months while he’s been shielding at his home at Melbourne Terrace, Saltcoats.

The experienced plasterer decided to paint the stunning image of a cow in a field with the silhouette of Ardrossan and Arran – the view from his window – as the background, to the delight of neighbours.

And he added that if anyone wanted to donate any money towards the NHS it would be great.

George said: “I’ve been shielding for about four months and on the wall there was plants and everything grewing out of it. then I re-rendered it all then done the painting, I’m a plasterer by trade.

“It’s the view out my window at night time, on the right that’s Ardrossan and on the other side of Arran.

“I’m at Melbourne Terrace and that looks right over the water to Arran

“I put the rainbow in for the NHS. They have helped me considerably in the past few years and my wife when she was living

“I started it three months ago but it took a while to chip it all away. I’m not very fit, but got it all prepared and then started on it.”

George added that would be great if anyone who likes the mural could donate any small or large amount towards the NHS as staff continue to support the sick on the frontline.

To donate or for more information just visit: www.nhscharitiesto