A supermarket giant is now offering handy pick up food parcels which can be purchased to help support the foodbank.

Morrisons is making it easier for its customers to support foodbanks by launching food parcels that can be bought and then donated at the checkout.

Often overwhelmed by products such as rice and pasta and short of other much needed items, foodbanks will benefit from the supermarket’s new ‘Pick Up Packs’, which cost between £1 and £3, and contain a mix of food products that have been requested by local foodbanks based on local needs.

The packs were created by a Morrisons colleague Michelle Leary from Basingstoke, who noticed that customers struggled with what to donate to food banks.

She decided to pre-pack parcels so that customers don’t need to spend time browsing the shelves for items to donate.

After an initial successful trial, the idea has now been rolled out nationally.