A ROW has erupted following reports of indecent behaviour at the nudist section of Stevenston Beach.

A post on a Saltcoats Community page said that a local couple had come across people having sex in public while walking near the beach and, on another occasion while accompanied by their eight-year-old grandchild, witnessed a man allegedly deliberately exposing himself in their view.

Elyse Sara said: “My mum walks that beach for miles with her dogs but even she forgets where the nudist bit is.

“We all feel it’s time to get rid – or at least section it off. It may seem a laugh but not if folk are deliberately exposing themselves to kids and using a nudist beach as an excuse.

“I really don’t care what they do but see if they are standing up deliberately when they see kids where is the line between nudist and pervert?”

Other residents have defended the nudist beach against the accusations, citing its historical nature and telling those who would rather not catch an eye-full to walk elsewhere.

One commented: “Get a life. We were all born naked.”

Jackie Flynn said: “All of us round here know it’s a nudist beach, we just need to remember and stay away if it offends. I’ve no problem with it being there.”

Councillor John Sweeney said: “I am appalled by the recent incident that a family experienced recently at Stevenston Beach. The Elected Members have been working with the Senior Manager and the team from Legal Services at NAC on this incident at the ‘nudist beach’.

“Legal Services have been unable to find anything, to date, that designates this area as a nudist beach.

“My perception as a lifelong Stevenston resident is that it has not been formally recognised as a nudist beach but has been used as one by some people and there may be difficulties due to custom and practice.

“What this family experienced was totally unacceptable and I have also sought the assistance from Senior Local Police Officers.”

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “A section of the beach at Ardeer is the subject of a historic designation as an area for naturists.

“Signs have previously been installed indicating it was suitable for naturists, but these were removed some time ago following repeated instances of vandalism.

“Any alleged instances of indecent exposure or other illegal activity should be reported to Police Scotland.”

Police said they had no report of the incident yet.