A THREE-Towns drama group has been able to continue inspiring creativity under lockdown thanks to a generous grant.

When lockdown was announced Capall Dorcha were right in the middle of rehearsals for two youth theatre shows, nearly finished projects in three schools and were about to begin a brand new music project in care homes.

With all this put on hold due to COVID-19 the group were lucky to receive funding from Foundation Scotland’s Response Fund, which enabled them to continue working and creating from home.

Creative Learning Officer Betty made short videos showing people different ways to be creative at home.

This saw adults and youngsters make costumes, paint abstract paintings, and try photography for the first time. The work being made is excellent and many children and young people have been able to be creative during lockdown which has been wonderful to see.

A spokesperson said: “The funding we received from Foundation Scotland provided us with recording equipment for filming Creative Challenges, as well as technology for home working.

“After a few weeks of getting used to ‘the new normal’, we were able to offer our Youth Theatre Participants who had been rehearsing for their summer show before Lockdown the opportunity to join us in a free online class every week

“The videos are fantastic and will be a great reminder in the future of what life was like for children and young people in North Ayrshire during the coronavirus.”

Search Capall Dorcha Ensemble on Youtube.