ZERO Waste Scotland have launched a new campaign urging people to protect North Ayrshire by binning litter or taking it home.

As the country reopened its doors to the tourism industry last week on Wednesday, July 15, Zero Waste Scotland launched their new campaign to highlight the nation’s natural beauty and wildlife.

As part of this new initiative, the organisation have urged visitors not to spoil areas, such as North Ayrshire, by littering when they’re enjoying the delights of the coast, countryside and campsites.

Zero Waste Scotland, which is a publicly-funded organisation, have come up with the slogan ‘Scotland is Stunning – Let’s Keep it that way’ as part of the campaign.

It also highlights the beauty of the country’s lochs and mountains, city parks and country woodlands.

It has been backed by the Scottish Government and Keep Scotland Beautiful.

The organisation say Scotland’s unspoilt scenery plays a vital role in encouraging people to enjoy the country – which is crucial in ensuring the tourism industry thrives after lockdown.

Iain Gulland, Zero Waste Scotland chief executive, said: “People are understandably keen to enjoy everything Scotland has to offer as the summer holidays stretch out in front of us.

“With tourism reopening in Scotland and many areas – from hills and lochs to city parks – expecting an increase in visitors, we want to remind people to bin their litter or take it home.

“This opportunity to get outdoors is great news.

“If you are camping, exercising, having a barbecue or just enjoying the scenery, have fun and bin what you don’t need or take it with you.

“We know Scotland is stunning, let’s keep it that way!”

Zero Waste Scotland have also reminded the public that dropping litter is also a criminal offence as well as being an eyesore.

It can also be a danger to young children and animals.