A LOCAL man has embraced the latest social media trends and joined his grandkids in making hilarious Tik Tok videos online.

George Stevely, 75, from Ardrossan has been making comical Tik Tok videos online since the start of lockdown – and his family have been loving it.

His daughter Lynn Hyslop and three grandkids encouraged him to join in on the amusement to make lockdown a little less boring and to bring some positivity in to the current situation.

Lynn said: “He is just so funny. He started making them at the start of lockdown when the kids showed him how to do it.

“He doesn’t even know how to work a phone so to see him make Tik Toks was really funny.”

George has made 12 Tik Toks so far during lockdown, and some of them have been a huge success in the Tik Tok community.

Lynn said: “I made a Tik Tok of him one day when he was sleeping and I put a Wotsit in his mouth without him noticing until he woke up and it got 90,000 views

“It was just fantastic.”

George has three grandkids, Eva, aged nine, Megan, aged 14 and Georgie, aged 12, who have all enjoyed making entertaining videos with their

Papa over the past few weeks.

After the government announced that grandparents could see their younger grandkids again, Eva and George both put on their PPE suits and made a joyful video dancing to one of the popular Tik Tok tunes after learning all the steps.

Lynn added: “The grandkids were always asking him to make the videos with them but now he will ask them, ‘are we going to make a Tik Tok today’ and it always puts a smile on their faces.”

“My dad’s always been a natural performer, he just loves being the centre of attention.

“He is always the first up to dance at a party trying to get everyone to dance with him.

George has made many humorous videos from dancing with his grandkids and acting out popular scenes to being pranked by his kids and catching funny, unforgettable memories on camera.

Lynn said: “He really is just a great laugh and the best Papa.”

You can watch George’s videos via Tik Tok at Papageorgieboy.