Remembrance Day this year will be unlike any we have celebrated before.

What the restrictions will be due to the continuing threat from coronavirus is unknown.

However, a report commissioned by the UK Government’s chief scientist suggests a second wave during winter could be worse than the first.

The Saltcoats, Ardrossan and Stevenston branch of the Royal British Legion Scotland (RBLS) has already started preparations for the Remembrance Parade that will ‘probably involve some noticeable changes’.

An important element are the wreaths of poppies, traditionally places upon cenotaphs across the country in memory of the fallen.

A spokesperson for the Three Towns’ RBLS said: “Under current conditions, if still in force, the laying of wreaths on Remembrance Sunday will be held within the social distancing guidelines.

“These guidelines can change but we must plan for current restrictions and react accordingly as restrictions are relaxed, or increased.”

All organisations, individuals, youth groups, pubs, clubs and churches are encouraged to order and pay for their wreaths as soon as possible.

Unlike normal, Legion members will not be able to collect wreaths in bulk from the factory due to the COVID-19 regulations - this means higher transport costs.

This means the price of wreaths will include a £5 carriage charge, making the final cost £36 per wreath.

A spokesperson said: “We hope your support continues this year as we adapt to the unfolding circumstances that surround us.

“We hope this year for the community to take the opportunity during the Remembrance Ceremony’s to thank our current community heroes and remember those sadly taken during this emergency”