A MUM who was shopping in Saltcoats Iceland with her two-year-old daughter was mortified to find poo smeared across a packet of chicken nuggets.

Lynne McCabe couldn’t believe she found traces of human excrement on the food packaging she was about to take home for her kid’s dinner.

The mum-of-four from Kilwinning rushed to alert staff but was astonished that they didn’t immediately close the store after discovering the mess on Thursday (September 3) afternoon.

Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald: Lynne couldn't believe what she found in the freezers.Lynne couldn't believe what she found in the freezers.

Lynne told the Herald: “I was in with my two-year-old to pick up something for the kids dinner.

“I picked up chicken nuggets and thought ‘I can smell sh**e, where has that came from’. I knew it couldn’t be from my daughter and before I knew it I turned round the packet and it was all over the back of it.

“It was smeared, it wasn’t just left there it was actually wiped onto the packet.

“I thought that is disgusting I went to tell the staff, who told me they think it was from a customer who was in using the toilet that morning, when I was in the shop it was just after 3pm so god knows how long it was there.”

Lynne complained to the staff telling them they have to clean all their food and check freezers, but she was left baffled at their response to check till receipts of the previous customer who they claim was responsible.

And she couldn’t believe that they offered her a box of free Lindor chocolate balls to make up for the disaster.

The mum is worried that failure to take swift action on the poo near food could lead to a serious health issue.

Lynne called up Iceland’s customer service team who she says were also completely stunned by the filthy find.

An area manager who was informed and eventually the store was closed for a deep clean.

The Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald contacted Iceland for comment but they did not wish to add anything further at this stage.