Kilbirnie Ladeside have teamed up with a player’s business to help raise awareness of mental health.

The club have signed a deal with Checkmate Socks – a sock company run by defender Ross Gilmour which has a social mission to raise awareness for mental health.

The message of wearing the socks is to encourage people to check their mates are okay and can open up about how they are feeling.

All players at Valefield Park now wear the socks during training sessions.

Checkmate Socks donated 10 per cent of their sales to mental health charities with the Scottish Association for Mental Health, Mental Health UK, Back On Side, Combat Stress and NHS Charities Together all benefitting so far.

Blasties gaffer Martin Ferry said: “I am delighted we have taken on this partnership as mental health is an issue which does not get enough publicity in my opinion.

“It’s a great idea as there is a visual now.

“People see the socks and ask where did you get them from and the message spreads and opening up for the first time is often the most difficult but now the socks encourage players and fans to do that.

“It’s been a tough time for everyone recently with lockdown and people being stuck in flats and houses without being able to play or watch football. But when the boys are in training they come together and have a laugh and can talk with each other so it’s great the club is promoting this initiative.”

President Iain Macdonald added: “It’s very important for us to promote awareness of mental health.

“People have not been allowed to do their normal life on a Saturday which for a lot of them includes playing or watching football which is often an escapism from everyday life.

“Our player Ross Gilmour runs Checkmate Socks and we are very happy that we can be associated with it and help charities going forward.

“These times are hard for everyone so anything we can do to promote awareness of this issue will hopefully help someone.”

To find out more about Checkmate Socks visit