An Ardrossan couple with a 10-month-old baby have warned others to be wary after someone tried to break into their home.

Matthew Arnott Watterson returned home from his work as a scaffolder to find a wannabe thief had taken a tool to his back door.

Matthew lives on Nitshdale Road with his partner and their 10-month-old daughter who were out at the time of the incident which happened yesterday.

He said: "It's shocking, thankfully they never got in though so could have been worse.

"I was at work all day and my partner and daughter were out all day also.

"Someone tried to break into my back door. [It] looks like they have tried to hinge it open with something."

Photos show a gouge in the door that has broken through the plastic to the wood core near the lock and a large scuff down the front.

It appears someone has used a tool in an attempt to force their way into the young family's home.

The couple are thankful that whoever the thief was did not make it in but want to warn others and remind them to make sure doors are locked.

Police Scotland have been informed.