The new Acute Cardiac Care Unit/Cardiac Day Unit and Discharge Hub at University Hospital in Crosshouse has opened.

The inception of the new Acute Cardiac Care Unit was inspired by the British Cardiovascular Society recommendation that patients with acute cardiac conditions should be managed by a specialist, multi-disciplinary cardiac team and have access at all times to key cardiac investigations and interventions.

Dr Victor Chong, Clinical Director in Cardiology said: “There is robust evidence that patients with cardiovascular conditions cared for at a dedicated specialised unit have better outcomes. This drove us to modify the unit in University Hospital Crosshouse to provide six high care beds, along with 23 general care beds, as part of the new Acute Cardiac Care Unit.

“This also allowed us to create a dedicated Day Unit and integrate our investigative cardiac physiology unit housing all our services in one area.

“This close proximity and collaborative working will ultimately lead to better care for our patients but is particularly beneficial during the current pandemic as it reduces the need for patients to move around the hospital for testing and care.”

The Discharge Hub supports adult discharges back to the community through partnership working, including close ties with the third sector.

Lisa Davidson, General Manager Medical Specialties, said: “The aim is to reduce the length of stay for inpatients by simplifying the discharge process, providing care in the right place, at the right time, in the right setting.”