Residents are demanding action be taken to make a notorious accident blackspot safer.

There were three different incidents on the A737 last month resulting in injuries.

Two drivers were fined for careless driving and one person taken to hospital after two crashes occurred shortly after each other on September 19.

Councillor Donald L Reid said: “I can confirm that there is mounting local concern about this particular junction and its accident record.

“And whilst speed and driver behaviour are doubtless key factors in the many accidents, a cost effective solution to reduce them is required until the planned new bypass becomes a reality.”

Residents have called for various temporary measures to be put in place to stop accidents from happening.

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Reducing the speed limit, better lighting, and making the junctions left-turn only have all be suggested as solutions.

Transport Scotland announced it is proposing ‘safety measures’ including 50mph speed limit signs between the Beith and Manrahead Roundabout, and a new section of footway and vehicle activated pedestrian warning signs at the junction with the B706.

A Transport Scotland spokesperson said: “The Scottish Government is committed to delivering the A737 Improvements at Beith scheme, building on the completion of the A737 Dalry Bypass and A737 The Den Realignment.

“The extensive and focused dialogue we have undertaken as part of the statutory process for the scheme has resulted in the withdrawal of all objections without the need for a Public Local Inquiry to be held. We are now working towards publication of Made Orders in the coming months, which will be a major milestone in completing the statutory process, subject to no legal challenge.

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“Delivery of the scheme itself can only commence when it is approved under the relevant statutory procedures and thereafter a timetable for its progress can be set in line with available budgets.

“In the short term we are proposing to introduce a number of safety measures, including 50mph speed limit roundels on the section between Beith to Manrahead Roundabout and the construction of a new section of footway and vehicle activated pedestrian warning signs at the junction with the B706.”