Community representatives will take action on A737 complaints after a Kilwinning councillor feared he could get run down by speeding lorries on the busy stretch of road.

Kilwinning Conservative councillor John Glover reported complaints on the Howgate and Dalry Road from residents during an online meeting of the town’s community councillors – adding that he was fearing for his own life next time he was out canvassing there.

Updating community councillors last week [Thursday, October 15] it was revealed that more details from complaining residents along the road had been passed on by Cllr Glover and they hoped to kick start an action group on that.

Cllr Glover previously said: “The tremendous number of complaints I’ve had about heavy lorries. That very narrow pavement I used when I was canvassing – I know I might be described as a Tory but I don’t think I should be knocked down. It’s horrendous.

“I’ve taken it up with Transport Scotland and various people. There is an A737 group creating noise at the other end at the Johnstone area.

“It’s really quite a concern. Because I live in Dalry I was always aware that once the bypass went in it was bound to increase traffic into the Howgate, it was inevitable.

“I feel sorry for you guys as I don’t know what you’re going to do with these lorries. It’s a major problem. You’ve got my sympathy trying to resolve it.”

Updating the meeting last week, the secretary Jim Watson said: “John Glover kindly sent me information on and feedback from some residents on Dalry Road and the action group up Johnstone way so I’ve passed that on to Colin [chair] and we’re going to have a look at that and get in touch with the residents who have been making complaints and see if there is a possibility of taking some action there.”

Police Scotland’s Kilwinning Locality officers Martin Fraser previously told members they hoped further action with the speed gun would send a message to offending drivers.

He added: “I’m sure it would be like shooting fish in a barrel, particularly at that far end but hopefully it will start to make a difference.”

Any incidents of speeding can be reported to Police Scotland on 101 – in an emergency always dial 999.