A LARGE group of young people reportedly removed barriers from a Scottish Power worksite and put them on the roundabout at Kilbirnie Cross last week.

The youths allegedly threw the barriers in front of oncoming traffic and then used them to block the road by the old police station, on Monda, November 9.

This caused a Stagecoach bus to stop which they approached before opening its rear hatch and cutting off the engine.

A spokesperson for Police Scotland said: “Officers attended and replaced barriers and persons responsible were not traced at this time.

“A report of a Stagecoach Service bus having its engine stop facility activated by persons unknown was received shortly after nearby in Bridgend, Kilbirnie and officers attended however, persons responsible were not traced and no damage to vehicle involved.”

A Stagecoach spokesperson said: “On Monday, November 9, a group of youths interfered with one of our vehicles operating the 25 service in Kilbirnie.

"We have shared footage of this incident with local police. Tampering with our vehicles is extremely dangerous but fortunately no one was injured.”