The Scottish Government has published its guidance about what you can and cannot do over the festive period.

Up to three households will be allowed to mix over a five-day festive period between December 23 and 27, and travelling between council areas is also permitted during that time period, so that families spread across Scotland and the UK can form a ‘Christmas bubble.

Ardrossan Herald readers are divided over the proposals with some seeing it as a necessary break to help recuperate from social isolation while others believe it will only cause more damage by allowing the coronavirus to spread.

One reader said: “If they said families couldn’t meet up at Christmas there would be an outcry also.

“[Definitely] not an easy job or easy decisions to make and everyone has their own opinion if [it’s] right or wrong.

“But it might help some families or people in a bad place knowing they can be with loved ones for Christmas.”

Another said he was going to be visiting family regardless of what Nicola Sturgeon announced, so it meant nothing to him.

On the other hand, Councillor Timothy Billings said: “There are those who will get together irrespective of the ‘rules’. This is a reasonable compromise for a really difficult situation that sets well defined limits on what is permitted.”

Another shared her thoughts: “Unfortunately mixing with another two families means mixing with as many as they like to some, we all know the virus doesn’t go away at Christmas, just hope you and your families get through it safely.

“I wont and wouldn’t be putting any vulnerable people at risk.”

Responding to the restrictions, one reader said: “Six kids , nine grandkids, two ex wives... in eight different households. I think I’m on my own again this Christmas.”

According to government guidance, the safest way to spend Yuletide is to refrain from forming a bubble and to stay in your own household, in your own home and in your local area.

But, restrictions have been eased to set “outer-boundary limits” for over Christmas.