CALEDONIAN Piping Club joined in the ‘Ring a Bell for Christmas’ campaign – to show Santa the pandemic had not dampened their spirits.

The club decided to play Jingle Bells on the pipes at the allotted time.

With it being an almost last minute decision, learning the tune was a bit of a trial for these very inexperienced learners, (taking COVID restrictions into consideration as well) – but each one did their level best and did the group, their families and friends proud.

Pictured are the Dunwoodie twins - Eilidh & Leesa, (Eilidh, on the left, even coming out of her sick bed to play), playing on their doorstep, to the appreciation of the neighbours, who afterwards distributed ‘Gluvine’ to all. Also pictured is the latest, youngest learner Eilidh Dunbar, who wanted to join in as well, even though she hasn’t progressed as far as the pipes yet – but hopefully will do so in the very near future.

Well done to each member of the Caledonian Piping Club, struggling on, with every other group, through these very trying of times.