Police and fire crews have attended an incident at the Barony St John church building in Ardrossan after a window at the steeple section came loose which could have caused major damage to neighbouring surroundings had it fallen. 

Concerns were raised this morning over the safety of the building with police officers called out to assess the risk before fire crews were called to make the building safe.

A section of the area had to be cordoned off by police due to the potential risk to the public which slowed down traffic.

A spokesperson for the Scottish Fire and Rescue service said: “Concerns were raised by the owners of the building this morning. A window at the steeple section had started to fall inwards but had not completely fallen although it was in a precarious position and could have fallen outwith the steeple.

“The police were first called to assess the risk. We were then called and arrived around 3.30pm and required a high-reach appliance from Kilmarnock as well as an appliance from Ardrossan who first attended.

“The crews safely removed the window and brought it back to the ground and the risk has now been removed.”

Police Scotland have also been asked for comment.