Schoolboy Kieran Crichton was given two late Christmas presents on Hogmanay as he was told he was cancer free – and that for the first time in almost three years he would be able to sleep in his own room.

A teenager with true fighting spirit, his latest MRI scans showed he was clear of his five brain tumours and was given the good news that he could get back to his beloved MMA fighting training.

Now brave Kieran, of Kilwinning, has only one more hurdle to face. He may have to have surgery to straighten one of his legs, but his devoted mum Senga is sure that won’t stop him getting back in the ring with his MMA champion brother Darren.

With the help of the team at Ayrshire Fight Academy and Kieran’s big brother Darren, the teenager has continued to train and was even given a punch bag to take home during lockdown.

Kieran’s harrowing journey began three years ago when he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, a Medulloblastoma and, after the surgery to remove the largest tumour ,was left unable to walk or talk.

But the determined teenager defied the odds and with the support of his family, his MMA friends and his idol, his brother, he fought on, enduring hospital stay after hospital stay and gruelling chemotherapy.

As Kieran recovered, the family had another battle ahead – they had to have their home at St Joan’s Crescent adapted for Kieran and his wheelchair.

Lockdown caused setback after setback and Senga and Kieran had to spend time living in CLIC Sargent and Ronald Mcdonald House in Glasgow as they were shielding.

Senga said: “It was horrendous, we had to protect Kieran and my mum was shielding too so we stayed at CLIC Sargent then Ronald McDonald House

“As the work on the house went on, we moved in with my mum and it was great to get back to Kilwinning and Kieran could see his school pals.”

Then, the week before Christmas, they

were given an early present and they could move in.

“Kieran said to me it was the first time he had been in his own bed for nearly three years,” beamed Senga.

Now the family is hoping that people in the community can help them fix up their garden.

Senga went on: “The work’s been done but the garden is in a state, I don’t have the skills to fix it but hopefully someone can help us.”

To thank the community of Kilwinning Senga packed Christmas food packs for people in the area who needed a helping hand.

She said: “I know it can be a hard time of year for people . With the help of some of the shops in the Main Street, we packed 36 with a starter, main course and pudding for Christmas Day. It was the least I could do.”