A NORTH Ayrshire councillor is taking part in a 155-mile walking challenge throughout January to raise money for military veterans.

Cllr Todd Ferguson, who represents West Kilbride and Dalry, hopes to raise £1,000 in completing the Tommy 10,000 Step Challenge, organised by the Royal British Legion Industries (RBLI).

Participants are tasked with walking the same distance as the fighting retreat taken by the British Expeditionary Forces towards Dunkirk in 1940.

Cllr Ferguson said: “Royal British Legion Industries is an absolutely fantastic charity, and I am delighted to do my bit to help raise funds on behalf of our vulnerable military veterans.

“I have a close connection with our British armed forces and had many relatives in action during World War One and Two.

“My great uncle Jack Weir, Scots Guards, was only 18 when he was captured by German forces at Monte Cassino in 1944 and would spend the remainder of the war in a POW camp in Italy.

“He was one of the lucky ones who returned.”

RBLI was set up in 1919 to support troops returning from World War One. It now provides welfare and employment support to over 11,000 people in the UK, and houses 300 veterans at its village in Kent.

All money raised through the campaign will go towards providing further support to vulnerable veterans throughout the country.

Cllr Ferguson added: “It is important that we do what we can to help those who are less fortunate in our communities and the funds raised will enable the RBLI to continue their fantastic work.

“I would like to pass on my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has donated so far.

“The generosity of people, during an international pandemic no less, has been amazing and I cannot thank them enough.”