A NEW cemetery could be created in Kilwinning if plans are approved.

An application for the council to change of use of agricultural land to form a cemetery at Mossculloch Farm, Kilwinning were validated last week

The cemetery would have 234 standard burial plots and 30 plots for ashes with the bereavement services’ plans include the formation of vehicle access, footpaths, car parking, landscaping and the erection of a pavilion and


This comes after plans to extend Knadgerhill Cemetery to make way for 420 new graves were approved in Irvine.

At Kilwinning’s Community Council last week [Thursday, January 14] members heard the town needed another site to be considered for the town with Kilwinning Cemetery now out to its boundaries.

However some concerns regarding parking were raised with the site coming out onto a 60mph road.

Secretary Jim Watson said: “Looking at the map it looks as if they’ve got a much bigger amount of land, so I take it that’s just the start for it with a view to expanding it future – but its a wee bit further up the Glasgow road.”

Chair Colin Hedley added: “I think we all know Kilwinning Cemetery is pretty full and its getting to the point where there is not much space in it.

“They have extended it to as far as the boundaries are concerned and we do need another area to be considered.

“The only concern I have is the 30 zone is prior to it – you are potentially still doing 60 where the entrance would be.

“My concern is people who are exiting and that road is a particularly fast road.

“It looks like adequate parking that’s been provided so there shouldn’t be on-street parking but we’ve seen in the past with a big funeral there is likely to be and when exiting you would come out to a 60 road.”