It is not often that we take the time to stop and admire the beautiful town we live in.

From magnificent sunsets and sea views and our great little beach parks to the fantastic businesses we have right on our doorstep, there is so much to love about our little town.

Scotland Traveloholic published a fantastic YouTube video, entitled 'Ardrossan From Above', which gives viewers an insight into the beauty of the Ayrshire coast, looking out on to the brilliant views of the Isle of Arran.

The video has over 1,000 views and proves how much the town offers fantastic scenery that we can enjoy whilst out our daily walks, or even during a small car journey.

Now more than ever, we are able to really appreciate the breathtaking views that we have right in front of us, those of which has made us realise just how lucky we are to live in the lovely town that is Ardrossan. 

Check out the Scotland Travelholic YouTube page here and see lots more of Scotlands beautiful scenery!