THE team at Woodwynd’s Shoap has helped hundreds of Kilwinning residents afford food and supplies since it opened its doors three weeks ago.

The community larder based inside the Woodwynd Hall three weeks ago, has been offering a weekly shop for only £3.

And so far over 200 residents have been helped.

Colin Young has been delivering food parcels to the community since lockdown began, making 2am supply runs to the Fruitmarket in Glasgow.

Unlike a food bank, the Shoap is not emergency food provision, and no referral is required. Membership is open to everyone and all that is needed to join is a letter to confirm your name and address.

Colin said: “Woodwynd’s Wee Shoap offers a mini supermarket-like environment where residents have the opportunity to choose their own food.

“This is a more dignified approach to food insecurity and helps make their money go further by giving them access to good food at a lower cost. I am happy to say that within the first fortnight over 200 Kilwinning folk have come in and got their shopping from our shelves and fridges.

“We work on an appointment basis and people have to book in to come along. We are still delivering to people who cannot get out and we also make lentil soup, Scotch broth and beef casserole to help families.”

Now the shoap volunteers of ACES Woodwynd are asking the community to nominate them to win £650 worth of Tesco vouchers. You can nominate them on their Facebook page The shoap is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10am to 3pm. Call 07719 480807.