A SALTCOATS councillor has created a community fridge to help those most in need during lockdown.

Councillor Jim Montgomerie set up the fridge at Springvale Street, Saltcoats, along with volunteers from his IMC Project and aims to make sure that nobody goes without food during these challenging times.

The community fridge is open 24 hours a day, seven days week, with people free to access food whenever they want.

Councillor Montgomerie told the Herald what inspired him to set the unit up.

“I first got the idea when I was out in Chicago a few years ago but I never thought for one minute we would need one in Saltcoats.

“I have never been a fan of the process of getting and handing over vouchers and making appointments for food if you are struggling.

“People have told me they find it degrading and embarrassing so I thought the fridge could take some of those feelings away from them and because it is open 24/7 you can go whenever it suits you to get some food.”

“Our community fridge has been extremely busy since we opened.

“We have had to fill it up many times in the short space of time it has been open.”

The creation of a community fridge is just the latest way in which the project has helped the local community during lockdown.

Councillor Montgomerie along with volunteers have made it their priority to reach those who are struggling.

He said: “Since the project has been closed due to the pandemic during the two lockdowns we have been out every day delivering food around our towns.

“For over a year now people have been kindly donating food to us to give out.

“During the initial lockdown if we had too much we were going round random doors leaving food parcels on people’s doorsteps. Now it is all going in the fridge.

“All I ask is take what you need and leave some for others.”

He added: “Feel free to put food in if you want,that would be a big help.”

“I would personally like to thank North Ayrshire Council, Paul Coffey, North Ayrshire Foodbank and everyone who has kindly donated food to the project.

“It has been a huge help to some in our community which we live in.”