Many clinically vulnerable residents in Ayrshire aged over 50 have yet to receive their invitation to a coronavirus vaccination, according to an MSP.

West Scotland MSP Jamie Greene has raised his concerns with NHS Ayrshire and Arran’s chief executive and the Cabinet Secretary for health after many worried constituents suffering from conditions such as COPD, diabetes and asthma got in touch.

He said: “Many North Ayrshire residents are getting in touch with me concerned that they have not yet received their vaccine invitation, despite thinking that their health condition puts them in one of the highest JCVI categories.

“I have written to the health board and the Cabinet Secretary for health to help clarify the reasons for the delays.

In the letter to the health board Mr Greene stated: “I am receiving a number of representations from people over 50 with health conditions such as COPD, diabetes and asthma who were not placed on the shielding list.

“They are worried they are falling through gaps in the system and feel they should have by now had or been invited for vaccination.

“Given those over 50 with conditions such as COPD and diabetes have one of the highest COVID mortality rates I would be interested to learn if this is a group that are presently being included for invitation in Ayrshire and Arran and if not, when that may be likely to take place. I am aware and support the JCVI approach however, nonetheless my inbox is full.”

When approached for comment NHS Ayrshire and Arran chief executive, John Burns, said: “The most recent cohort to be invited for vaccine at our local centres from February 20 is the JCVI priority group 6, which is one of the largest groups on the prioritisation list.

“This group includes all individuals aged 16- 64 years with underlying health conditions which put them at higher risk of serious disease and mortality. Letters are dropping to Ayrshire addresses offering appointments to come for vaccination and we strongly recommend people come when invited.”