AN ARRAN veteran who was forced to live in damp conditions was almost driven into taking her own life.

The individual, who wishes to remain anonymous, served in the Armed Forces for over 20 years leaving uniform shortly before the end of the Afghanistan conflict.

She sustained numerous musculoskeletal injuries leaving her in pain 24/7 and also suffers from mental health issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

For the past six months, the veteran has been through a living ‘hell’ having to live in damp conditions and has developed breathing problems while many properties on the island used for holiday lets have been empty.

Now she wants to speak out over the fear culture blighting residents on the island.

She told the Herald: “I already suffered from various mental and physical injuries when I came home to Arran.

“I took a private let property which ended up riddled with rising damp. I was sleeping on a pull out bed in the sitting room and the damp would go right through the mattress.

“My injuries have been exacerbated and I have ended up with breathing problems.

“The conditions in the house and the stress of it all made me so unwell that in November 2020 it had driven me to the point of actually planning suicide when a phone call stopped me.

“I could not find anywhere to live. Most of the private properties are in the hands of holiday lets so they lay empty for nine months a year.

“There is a housing crisis on the island and a horrible atmosphere of fear that if they complain then no landlord will give them a place to live. Many people are scared.”

She claimed: “My landlord was not interested and would do nothing to help and started intimidating me.”

After months of campaigning from Poppyscotland and Combat Stress and assistance from the council veteran’s champion, the Provost, the individual has finally been relocated to another property on the island.

However, it turns out that the property had been empty for around six months, highlighting the issue on the island.

She said: “My situation was hell. I am in the process of moving but my furniture is ruined so I have nothing. I am lucky with the support I have had but we cannot forget the other people who are in a similar situation.”