WHEN Buffs’ boss Colin Boyd suggested opening the match day café on a full time basis he knew the best woman to take on the challenge of getting it ready in nine days would be his wife Andrea.

And she did rise to the task of finding staff in the form of ex-Sullivan’s Bar manageress Michelle McVeigh to help run the Kilwinning Sports Club takeaway.

With hard work, a lot of elbow grease and planning, The Pitchside Takeaway opened its hatch on Tuesday morning.

Andrea said: “Colin announced that it would be good to open the match café on a full time basis and did I know anyone who could take it on?

“I asked how long until it would open and he said, ‘you would have around nine days,’ I thought, okay, let’s give it a go.

“We are lucky to have Michelle on board and she has been fantastic. We’ve emptied the storeroom out, we’ve got the kitchen prepped and now we are looking forward to seeing everyone who pops down.”

The Pitchside Takeaway is open Monday to Saturday 8am to 3pm.