KILWINNING Sports Club plans to offer young football stars the chance to learn a trade through a project they hope to run with Ayrshire College.

Chairman and Buffs’ boss Colin Boyd is hoping to launch the scheme offering sporting stars the chance to learn a new skill to support their future if football does not work out for them.

Many teens are training with the hope of being chosen for a team and following a career within the game.

But for a lot of them the dream does not come true and that is where the project where they can learn a new skill with the help of Ayrshire College, just along the road at Lauchlan Way.

Colin said: “We have players who devote their lives to the game and for some, it doesn’t always mean that they will be successful.

“That is why we want to offer them the chance to learn a new skill with the support of Ayrshire College.

“It means while they are continuing to train they can study a new trade or a course for a different field and have that security.”