The name of the new flood storage dam being constructed across the River Garnock is in the hands of the public with an online poll set up to decide its future name.

People can vote for the name they think should be used for the new dam from 12noon on Monday [May 10] being constructed as part of the Upper Garnock Valley Scheme. Three names will be whittled down to one, based on the public vote.

Residents will have the choice of either Garnock Dam, Ladyland Dam or The Robin Dam. during the next two weeks

The vote will be held on Facebook via the ‘Garnock Valley Virtual Community Centre’ group, with the most popular name being selected for the dam, which is due to be completed in 2022. The new dam will reduce river flow during periods of high rainfall, to reduce flood risk to properties downstream. The three name options have been selected as they have connections to the local area:

• Garnock Dam – inspired by the River Garnock which runs through the towns of Kilbirnie, Glengarnock, Dalry and Kilwinning. Its source within Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park tumbles over the Spout of Garnock – the tallest waterfall in Ayrshire.

• Ladyland Dam – historically, in the Parish of Kilbrinie there were three baronies, Kilbirnie, Glengarnock and Ladyland. This has led to numerous associations with Ladyland in the local area.

• The Robin Dam – the Robin is the name of the pool where generations of local people have met and is synonymous with swimming, fishing and walks up the river.

David Hammond, head of commercial services, said: “The new flood storage dam requires a name and we invite local residents to help us decide what this should be.

“We’ve selected three suitable names to choose from, and residents can have their say by taking part in the online poll via social media.”

The project is being delivered by contractor McLaughlin & Harvey on behalf of North Ayrshire Council and the Scottish Government.

Adrian Pollock, Contracts Manager at McLaughlin & Harvey, said: “We are keen to leave a legacy within the local area.”